With many educational institutions facing deep budget cuts in this difficult economy, K-12 schools are increasingly turning to purchasing used textbooks for their classrooms.

 Whether you’re an elementary school teacher or an administrator at a high school, Biblio is here to help you stretch your purchasing power and save on used K-12 textbooks.

We have a great selection of elementary and secondary school textbooks at prices starting from just $1.00 (and often available for quantity purchasing in the dozens – if not hundreds) and including major publishers such as Glencoe, we are pleased to also offer the easy ability for schools to use a purchase order when ordering.

Learn how you can save on textbooks and purchase textbooks with a purchase order here.

Also, for bulk purchases, you can now specify a minimum number of copies on hand when searching using our advanced booksearch – great for when you’re looking to order, say, 50 copies of a particular text for your classroom!

Or, if you have any questions at all prior to your purchase or about using a purchase order to buy textbooks for your school, just contact our customer service!