One of the fundamental principles behind Tundra Ediciones is the careful selection of its material and the special attention it pays during the editorial process to the quality of works by specialists in the field of the natural sciences. Its clear educational vocation is reflected in Tundra’s future catalogue of popular science books, technical manuals, introductory texts and textbooks. It welcomes collaborations with authors working in the world of education, above all in universities, and also joint projects with management and research professionals specialising in any of the different fields that interest Tundra.

Tundra Ediciones is an independent publisher whose goal is the transmission of knowledge rather than just the mere diffusion of information - information may satisfy our curiosities, but it is knowledge that is the key to understanding the world around us.

As an independent concern, Tundra has full freedom to select its authors and subject matter without the pressure of having to publish books that will generate large sales. Its educational vocation means that it is aware that in certain cases it may be important to publish works with short print-runs aimed at minority readers.

Above all, Tundra Publishing aims to give a new impetus to interest in nature and conservation by revitalizing book publishing and providing resolute and decisive support for its authors.